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How to Reach Us

The best way to contact us is through Facebook, by email (, or by calling 1-(650)-200-0448. The San Bruno 4-H Club meets the second Wednesday of each month at the San Bruno 4-H Clubhouse. Meetings begin at 7PM and run approximately 1 hour.

You are welcome to attend any general meeting. There is a raffle and valuable information about 4-H. You may also attend one of our scheduled Open Houses. Our mailing address is: P.O. BOX 1381 San Bruno, CA 94066.

San Mateo County/California

Learn more about the San Mateo County 4-H program by visiting their website. To learn more about the California 4-H program visit their website. Or, contact us above to get more information about how to join. We usually process requests in under 24 hours.